We believe we should offer every candidate the chance to interview for the best career opportunities in the Chicago marketplace.

We Listen. We invite you to invest in a relationship with us, beginning with a comprehensive face-to-face interview with one of our recruiters. We will learn about your qualifications, accomplishments, and motivation to look outside your current position. We will help you prioritize your needs and wish list criteria including: compensation, challenge, growth, and commute requirements. Our experienced team will consult with you about the job market to make sure you have a thorough understanding of what to expect. We will set your expectations regarding compensation and how to stay competitive to ensure a stronger chance of interviewing for those hidden, elite jobs in the marketplace. After all, we understand that you want to land a career opportunity not just a job!

We Deliver. Our candidates come to us for a variety of reasons. Some know there is something better on the horizon while others have found themselves unexpectedly looking for a new position. Whatever the case, our team will provide you with the confidentiality and experience that you require. Additionally, your needs are approached with a sense of urgency. We will utilize our backgrounds and meticulously search our database of current and previous clients and often use networking and personal referrals to locate the most outstanding opportunities for you.

We Consult. Our team will help you prepare for each interview and share with you critical details that we have gathered from our clients that go beyond the position responsibilities and technical skills required. You will gain an insider’s perspective on the office culture, management styles, and the soft skills necessary to be successful in the organization. We will revisit your motivations and make sure that the opportunity fulfills your wish list criteria. Most importantly, we serve as an advocate for you.

We Follow-up. Our recruiters take pride in seeing a smooth transition for you as you settle in to the next chapter of your career. We understand that within the first few months of a new job, challenges can arise, so we can serve as a neutral and sound resource for you. We can be that "go between" amongst parties to facilitate effective communication. We also value your feedback and look forward to a lasting relationship with you.

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